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Our Objectives

FNBS is  a non-government, non-profit making, charitable organization established for supporting the blind students of Nepal. The key motive of this organization is to ascertain the right of the blind students to get education. Also the organization aims to identify blind students out of reach of education and motivate them to go to the schools. Besides providing educational facilities to the visually impaired students, FNBS aims to extend its services to provide regular medical checkups and relevant professional training to the blinds in a very near future.

The key objectives of the organization can be enlisted as below:

  1. To ensure all the visually impaired/blind students from families with poor family background get an opportunity for quality education to help them maximize their potential and achieve their goals to become successful citizens of the nation.

  2. To search for sightless children in the villages who have been deprived of education.

  3. To motivate families to send their visually impaired children to schools.

  4. To provide vocational\technical trainings for secured future/career.

  5. To raise awareness among other children by regularly interacting them with the visually impaired students in different school activities.

  6. To enhance the knowledge and skill of the teachers and other staffs to interact with the visually impaired students.

  7. To keep a systematic record of the number of visually impaired students and their major activities in the working districts for future references.


The organization has made its short term, mid-term and long term plans and programs to gradually enhance the effectiveness of the projects and extend its outreach to maximum number of blind students with assurance of reliable support and services to targeted students.

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